About Us

Arkof’s history originates from the ability of thinking, designing and constructing, improved in the course of its long-term handicraft expertise.

It expresses itself in the new, strong and passionate determination to translate creative ideas and intuitions into original furnishing proposals.

Its strong identity can be perceived in the essence of the collections and the tireless research into the design of each single detail of the furnishing item.

With its collections, Arkof proposes elements that are constitutive of its own philosophy, furniture items eager to be discovered and the wish to show off the fruit of a functional and distinguishing vision of design.


Projects developed to the full

Arkof was set up in the 70’s as a craft workshop, its talents being fully disclosed on occasion of the construction and world-wide distribution of “Leonardo’s machine models”. Availing itself of collaborations and joint services which shared the project, the company has undertaken a process of modernization over time involving research and innovation, and devoting itself to the development of new technologies and applications on materials. In this growth phase the company maintains the typical size and flexibility of a handicraft workshop, but also succeeds in creating a network of external resources in order to balance and complete its offer. The course has been traced out; it is therefore on this consolidated base that Arkof’s former creations take shape, inspired by the purest creative vein and in collaboration with Designers sharing the same philosophy. Through a distribution network created for the Italian reality but above all bent on the foreign markets, Arkof is now making a name for itself in the world of design..

Corporate philosophy

To be open to new visions, to welcome innovative, provoking and functional ideas, to implement them in surprising shapes, to exploit the know-how resulting from expertise as far possible, betting on such values as passion, creativity and quality: this is Arkof’s vision. Arkof asserts itself as a brand capable of spreading this philosophy; it faces the most various realities and is willing to export its personality and “know-how”, while it aims at being a distinctive mark, recognizable and unique in the contexts of the contemporary world.

Design philosophy

Expertise and knowledge of materials translate ideas into a world of signs that typify spaces by fitting in functionality and aesthetic harmony. Not just furniture items but personalized features of distinct rooms and contexts, capable of attracting the customer’s attention and fitting out space in a never trite manner. Lines, surfaces, volumes and colours for long-lasting, enjoyable and admirable works of art.

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