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In the news of 2019 and at Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2019 Arkof presents “Fiammifero”, a collection which borns and grows gradually, maintaining the same concept, technique and aesthetic line.

The first piece of the series, in the totem version, welcomed the interest and curiosity of customers both for the use of certain materials and finishes and for the elegance and simplicity that characterizes it.

From this assumption Arkof thinks and designs a “family” of products that can satisfy the different needs of space and functionality and offer multiple design solutions.

The name “Fiammifero” is the image that the appearance of this piece reminds of, simply consisting of a colored end that stands out from a body made of wood.

The idea is well rendered thanks to the use and processing of materials such as Valchromat, oak from beams and saw-cut fir wood. These are finishes that are specifically selected to accentuate the meeting and contrast of materials, the effect of intentional irregular and imperfect natural wood, with the linearity and cleanliness of the Valchromat.

Samples of finishes includes numerous color versions which, in combination with oak or 4 color variants on fir wood, create a remarkable range of solutions.

The result is a furniture with a particular and interesting appearance, which adapts easily to spaces and guarantees maximum functionality. Regarding flexibility and utility, the range of solutions includes the totem, the sideboard and the wall unit. In particular, the latter, which can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, allows the creation of infinite wall compositions and can also be used as a console.

“Fiammifero” is a collection that is expanding and aims to create an ever more complete family of products, which can offer a range of elements and accessories suitable for furnishing and characterizing any space.